How Unoceros Works

Looking Glass turns mobile devices into a resource for load testing, network traffic discovery, and more. Looking Glass is not a Last Mile solution, instead, it’s a way to use entire networks of devices as a standalone tool.

We live in a mobile world

The mobile first push was a massive success. As a result, a majority of internet traffic is now coming from our mobile devices. Content and services are formatted to be accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Unfortunately, the tools for understanding and testing services are all designed for traditional browser traffic. Mobile behavior is anything but traditional.

Unoceros unlocks the secrets of mobile device behavior by leveraging the capabilities of the hardware itself.


Powerful, flexible tools built for a mobile world

  • A New Way To Load Test

    Load packages of calls you want to test onto real devices. Create an event simulation, experience call volume at or above your anticipated scale, and gain actionable insight from event reporting. With Looking Glass, you only need to simulate the event, everything else is real.

  • Mobile Network Performance

  • Mobile Network Intelligence


Dead simple APIs

  • 1

    Simple and easy APIs.

  • 2

    Custom integrations to work with all your existing services.

  • 3

    Pricing based on frequency not scale of use.